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Polycom Web App

Transnet Web App

Custom web app in Drupal for Polycom, an enterprise-level technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley with 76 offices in 34 countries. Created a localization tool for translators in 16 languages with a pass-protected publishing workflow procedure. Worked in open source LAMP on Acquia using git/drush/CLI, wrote custom PHP, reorganized the database, and designed an interface.

Visit the Polycom site.

DKG Website

DKG Website

Two-year Drupal project, originally began in Drupal 7, switched to D6 for stability and documentation of Ubercart over Commerce at the time. My role was 100% hands on for this project, from server configurations on hybrid cloud/dedicated RackConnect® setups in Chicago and development environments in Dallas to site design and user interface problem-solving issues for laptop, tablet and phone. Employed over 300 contributed modules and wrote more than 7000 lines of CSS, developed custom modules with functions written for special circumstances, rewrote lines of PHP and made extensive use of taxonomy to populate menus and key sections. Site was designed for 100,000 members of an 80-year-old organization spread across 18 countries and had to be set up for multiple languages and different currencies. Created a private social network featuring groups, blogs, discussion forums, newsfeeds, comment threads, polls and surveys. Built a department store with complex shipping rules and conditions, sales tax calculations, webforms tied to cart system for multiple event registrations in different countries, contributions and donations, paid file downloads, fee payments, and integration with and the organization’s American and European banks. Set up complex file storage/retrieval system for thousands of documents that go as far back as 1930 and created a file management interface integrated with groups for private sharing. Built a content access system for keeping certain content private to all but those logged in under certain roles (financial documents, nominating committees, scholarship candidates, etc.). Developed a section to hold about two dozen committees, each with its own members and officers who change from year to year, and relevant document resources and links using arguments and taxonomy terms, enabling site administrators to post pictures and content to the correct committee page without errors or time-consuming setups. Designed date-sensitive content so that meetings of various committees float up into appropriate windows on the right pages in advance of their date and expire appropriately without any site administrator involvement. Trained clients and their staff over a nine-month period on how to use all aspects of the CMS. Web project was the culmination of a major rebranding effort that began five years ago involving a name change, domain brokerage, new logos, stationery, brochures, posters, cards and other marketing materials.

Visit the DKG site.

Icon Arts Website

Icon Arts

An example of WordPress with e-commerce. Basic CMS site for a micro business with storefront and event registration. Includes a blog, image gallery, and full integration with PayPal. Able to distribute event announcements via email and RSS feeds. My role was to build the site using a purchased theme, make a few changes to PHP and CSS, set up the shared host, prepare the image files in Photoshop, configure the payment processor and train the client on using the CMS.

Visit the Icon Arts site.

Liquid Interface

Liquid Grid

An experiment in liquid grid interface before the advent of Responsive Web Design. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s “Ethel Scull 36 Times” combined with a David Carson grunge effect, these images “clarify” on mouseover and on mouseclick take the site visitor to a clean product page. The entire array corresponds to screen size by making device queries and running scripts to set dimensions. Heavy use of JavaScript and flexible images with no use of breakpoints or threshholds (pre-Compass/SASS).

Intranet Portal

Intranet Portal

An internal subsite behind a pass-protected login that allowed clients to pay their bills online and reserve conference rooms at multiple locations across the United States. Built in 2009 using jQuery libraries, JavaScript and AJAX to resemble the look and feel of the ‘then-new’ Google calendar. Pictured is the interactive calendar and room scheduler. Also included was an e-commerce section where clients could retrieve PDF copies of paid invoices as well as pay rents due either by credit card or bank draft. My job was to design it and code it.

LoneStar OMS

LoneStar OMS

Website for surgeon’s practice built from the ground up in raw code and designed to reflect the theme of decor. HTML, CSS, JavaScript with no preprocessor language or database. Also created marketing collateral to match the online theme.

BusinesSuites Website

BusinesSuites Website

BusinesSuites is a national executive suites operator owned by Luci Baines Johnson and Ian Turpin. BusinesSuites’ President John Jordan and I have worked together for a number of years and in 2004 he asked me to update their website from a static Web 1.0 structure to something more dynamic.

First we* set up an open-source PHP code framework combined with a MySQL database and gave the client an admin-controlled custom-designed content management system (CMS). Second, we separated the front end into distinct XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript to give search robots an easier time of evaluating semantic content. Third, we designed a self-generating sitemap and breadcrumb navigator that would compose on the fly to reduce some of the long-term maintenance costs. And fourth, we emphasized object-oriented programming and server-side includes to make it easier for programmers to update the site.

The main site includes several subsites, one for each office center location (15 in all), each one able to stand on its own with a full array of features and functionality. The corporate headquarters’ site sits on top of the center subsites and holds the entire fleet of sites together. In 2009 we added an enterprise-level custom-designed blog with multiple contributor options similar to WordPress MU.

Over the years we’ve worked with SEO companies like Apogee Search to increase SERP performance. We’ve added a number of tracking devices — Google, HitsLink, Yahoo and others — and a CMS section with extensive keyword editing features that allows site administrators to adjust keywords based on data coming in from various analytics.

In September 2009, Dell and the National Federation of Independent Businesses recognized BusinesSuites for its innovative use of technology, their website being a key component.
BusinesSuites was named #1 in the U.S. from more than 3,000 applicants.

*Key contributors:  Brad Koester wrote the original front- and back-end code and set up the database, Dustin Ground wrote much of the CSS, Anthony Alvarado wrote some of the later back-end code, Michael Athens designed the maps, Mary Helen Pratt created the floor plans, Joslyn Baker assisted with the photography.

Echelon Website

Echelon Homepage

Homepage design for Echelon IV in northwest Austin. Page design featured fixed headers with static left column and liquid content areas on the right. Code was raw HTML with GIF image mouseovers, inline CSS and no scripts. An example of Web 1.0 in the early days of the Internet. My role was to design it, compose the copy, shoot or purchase the pictures, write the code and set up the hosting.

Builders Update Website

Builders Update Online Registration

Website page design for Builders Update. Site involved a team of programmers in the U.S. and a team in India and took more than three years to develop. Backend is ASP.NET with extensive client-side scripting (Java and Visual Basic). My role was to design the interface and write the front end code, direct Flash programmers, style the pages with CSS and coordinate back-end development with programmers in Bangalore.

Norwood Tower Stacking Plan

Norwood Tower Stacking Plan

Website page design commissioned by Norwood Tower featuring a dynamically-interactive stacking plan for commercial real estate brokerage firm Colliers Oxford. Available lease space is shown from a variety of perspectives, together with relevant technical specs. My role was to manage the project, write the front-end code and direct the other programmers. Back-end code was written by Seth Johnson with interface design contributions and photography provided by Dawn Larned.